Multi-Dwelling Roofing

As a trusted roofer serving the Port Charlotte and Sarasota areas, Douglass Restoration Inc. is proud to be the roofing company multi-dwelling property owners turn to when their apartment complex, condominium community, or duplex needs roof repair or roof replacement.

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Roof repairs are vital to ensuring the longevity of any multi-dwelling roofing system, whether it’s shingle, metal, tile, or a flat roof.

As the owner or manager of a multi-dwelling property, we realize that you have a lot of responsibilities vying for your attention. Between tenant issues, showing properties to prospective tenants, and dealing with the maintenance issues that are always cropping up, roofing is probably the last thing on your mind.

Without proper maintenance and timely repairs, however, a small problem with your multi-dwelling building’s roof can quickly become a large and costly issue. Ignoring necessary roof repairs can also mean that you have to pay to replace your multi-dwelling property’s roof much sooner than you otherwise would.

Douglass Restoration Inc. is proud to be the Florida roofer multi-dwelling property owners and managers trust when it comes to roof repairs. As a family-owned company, we know how important it is to balance maintenance expenses with the added value that roof repairs can provide. We’ll work together with you to create a plan for roof repairs that fits into your budget.

Signs Your Multi-Dwelling Roof Is In Need Of Repair:

  • Your warranty has expired.
  • Your flat or metal roofing is buckling.
  • Your roof joints are in bad shape.
  • You’ve noticed water infiltrating the roof membrane.
  • You’ve noticed separation of roof components.
  • Your roof was damaged in a recent storm.
  • You’ve noticed signs of water damage inside or outside your building.

The high heat, wind, heavy rain and hurricanes common to Florida can be very hard on commercial roofs. It’s important that the roof of your multi-dwelling property is inspected after severe weather to ensure that branches, wind, and hail haven’t caused damage.

Spend less time worrying about roof repairs and more time taking care of the tenants and multi-dwelling property you love. Call Douglass Restoration Inc. for a FREE roof repair estimate! We’d be happy to evaluate your residential roof and recommend roof repairs.