3 Signs Your Flat Roof Needs To Be Replaced


3 Signs Your Flat Roof Needs To Be Replaced

In recent years, more property owners have become aware of the benefits of flat roofing systems. Especially for commercial properties in the Port Charlotte area, flat roofs can be a more durable and efficient option for roof coverings.

Douglass Restoration Inc. is proud to be a trusted provider of roofing services in Port Charlotte, and as such we’ve helped many property owners understand their flat roof replacement options.

But how do you know whether or not your flat roof needs to be replaced or repaired?

Below are some telltale signs that it’s time to evaluate your flat roof replacement options. Compared them against what you’re seeing on your own roof, and contact Douglass Restoration Inc. for roofing services today!

Standing Water

Take a look at your flat roof after the next Florida rainstorm that passes through Port Charlotte. Do you see pools of standing water gathering in various areas of the roof? This is a sign that the roof has lost its pitch and isn’t draining water properly. This can be a serious problem, especially for residential buildings with flat roofs, so contact Douglass Restoration Inc. for roofing services right away.

Sealant Deterioration

While you’re up there looking for standing water on your flat roof, glance at the sealant used on seams between roofing materials and around pipe collars. If you notice that these seams are cracking, rotting, or otherwise disappearing, it’s a sure sign that you need flat roof replacement.

Sloping & Sinking

Try to get on eye level with your flat roof. Is it really flat? If you notice waves, bulges, or sunken areas on your flat roof, it’s a sign that the roof is no longer pitched properly. Again, this creates problems when water is introduced, and it should be addressed by a roofing services expert as soon as possible.

Don’t ignore the signs! Contact Douglass Restoration Inc. to learn more about your flat roof replacement options now.