Tile Roofs

Tile Roofs

  • Are you looking for a beautiful roofing material that will make your home stand out?

  • Do you want to invest in a roof that will protect your home from heat and hail?

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Douglass Restoration Inc.is proud to provide roof replacement services for residential homes, multi-family dwellings, and commercial buildings.

We offer a wide variety of roof replacement options, including tile roofing. Whether you’ve had a tile roof in the past, or are interested in replacing your current roof with tile roofing, Douglass Restoration provides quality service at a competitive price.

Tile is a smart choice for architects, builders, and property owners who want a roof that provides a unique, elegant aesthetic that shows the world how proud they are of their home or commercial property.

Tile roofing offers a variety of features and benefits for your property, whether residential or commercial:

  • Design – Tile roofing is available in a wide variety of colors, a full range of profiles and styles, and in many cases will result in a higher resale value for your home.
  • Durability – According to the Tile Roofing Institute, “tile roofs have the lowest life cycle cost of any other roofing material. Centuries old tile roofs are still enduring today.”
  • Fire and Wind – Most tile roofing carries a Class A fire rating. Tiles are designed and tested to meet Florida’s 150 MPH wind speeds. Tile roofs also been tested according to FM4473 for hail resistance ratings.
  • Energy Efficient – In tests conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy, roofing tiles were shown to reduce the transfer of heat up to 70 percent better than other roofing materials.

Whether your current roof is in bad repair, or you just want to improve the appearance of the exterior, Douglass Restoration Inc. can provide superior roof replacement services.

We are fully licensed and insured to provide roof replacement services in the state of Florida, and unlike some roofing companies in the area, all of our tile roofs come with a full Workmanship Warranty.

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