What to Expect

Several things must happen before we can physically begin your re-roof:

  • A signed NOC must be recorded and submitted to building department.
  • Permit must be applied for and received.
  • Roof type and colors must be selected so we can allocate materials with our supplier.
  • HOA Approval must be requested by you and approval forwarded to materials@driroofing.com.
  • We confirm with you that you have the necessary deposit to pay at or before start.
  • A file review is completed to help have a smooth re-roof process and it is released for production scheduling.
  • A tentative schedule is made and then confirmed with the production team approximately one week prior to starting the project.
  • An inspection is typically done by the municipality before we can complete the installation.
  • A final walk around and clean up is done before Final Inspection is scheduled

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The below is important information for you to know:

If you have any deadlines, trips planned, or other work planned up to 2 months from your signed or approval date please call or email the office so we can properly notate your file to meet your specific scheduling needs.

A dumpster or dump trailer will be delivered either the day before the start date or the morning of start. Please have your driveway clear and any vehicles that you use out of the garage so they do not get blocked in during the reroof process. We recommend that you do not park near the dumpster/dump trailer while it is in use or near the home during, especially during working times. The waste receptacles are typically picked up within 2 days of completion.

Please take caution when driving and walking around your property. The roofing roofing process is a messy construction process. Thousands of pounds of debris and thousands of nails will be removed from your roof top. We clean up daily but caution should be taken at all times. Check before you step. Look before you park.

Please allow time for the work to be completed including inspection days . Depending on your municipality requirements, the install team may not be present for the first inspection but they will have the roof ready for the inspection, we call this “inspection day.”

Please have any satellite dishes and antennas removed from the roof. It is recommended that satellites or antennas on the roof be relocated to the side of the house or to another location other than the rooftop by your provider. Your provider will have to set and calibrate the satellite dish. We are not able to provide this service so please make sure it is done before your start date to avoid service interruption.

Please remove all lawn ornaments, lighting and any other removable breakable items that are in close proximity of home to prevent any accidental damage. In order to help protect collect the falling nails and debris we will must cover the ground around the perimeter of your home with tarps. Your home will be under construction so we ask that you help us keep your property safe by removing it from the area during the project so that they don't get damaged or broken during the normal construction process. Because tarps must be put down on the ground to catch debris and nails, and to protect the ground, some minor plan damage can occur during this process but is not common nor permanent in consequence.

Please consult your paperwork regarding payment terms. If you are unsure, call, email, or visit your customer portal to send us a message. If you will not be home let us know so we can make arrangements to collect any necessary payments. You do not need to be home for us to do the work so just let us know what you prefer.

Ways you can reach us:

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