5 Commercial Roof Problems That Can Shorten Their Lifespan


5 Commercial Roof Problems That Can Shorten Their Lifespan

Do you own or are you thinking about purchasing a commercial building in Sarasota? If so, it’s time to think about starting a relationship with one of the roofing companies in the area as well.

Without well-maintained roofing on a commercial building, your assets, employees, inventory, and most importantly, your customers could be at risk. All it takes is one health code violation or accident because of a leaky roof, and you’re staring down the barrel of a lawsuit faster that you can say “find me the best roofing company in Sarasota!”

As Sarasota’s experts in commercial roofing with over 10 years of experience with flat roof replacement options, Douglass Roofing is always available to help you deal with any of these common problems. Why trust fly-by-night roofing companies in Sarasota when you could get expert service from a Florida-born family owned and operated roofing contractor?

  1. Poor Installation - Your commercial roofing is only as strong as the crew that installed it. If you work with roofing companies that cut corners or aren’t fully licensed and insured, you could be dealing with bigger problems down the road.
  2. Leaks - The purpose of a commercial roof is to keep moisture out of your business or multi-family dwelling. Never ignore a leak!
  3. Ponding - This is one of the most common reasons Dougalss Restoration is hired for flat roof replacement. If your commercial roof doesn’t shed water correctly, you’ll soon need repairs.
  4. Shrinkage - It’s not just a problem in the pool, fellas! Thermal shocking can leave your commercial roofing exposed and damaged.
  5. Lack Of Maintenance - Commercial roofing isn’t something you can set and forget. If you do, you’ll soon be calling Douglass Restoration Inc. for flat roof replacement options!

Don't waste your time or money working with other roofing companies in Sarasota. Douglass Restoration Inc. prides itself on a variety of flat roof replacement options and service that can't be beat!